Tymon - Aerospace Engineering Student

"Although I am a student of Aerospace Engineering, I did not have any real hands-on engineering experience. Most I ever did was some minor University projects. Although Cummins had one of the longer and difficult initial assessments the recruitment process went amazing. I really appreciated always being kept in the loop. Many companies ask you to apply in November and next time you hear from them is March or April. Cummins doesn’t keep you in the dark and sends updates about progress of your application every week or two. I did not really know what to expect as this is my first real work experience. Nonetheless, Cummins surprised me in a positive way. I did not expect an engineering company to put so much care into making sure everyone irrespective of position is treated fairly and with respect. Flexible work environment where you can talk to everyone and ask as many questions as you want without being brushed off or judged makes it truly enjoyable experience. Throughout the first week and month, I’ve been introduced to how Cummins operates through a range of trainings and tasks given by my manager. You start carrying real responsibility in Cummins very fast. I enjoy that Cummins also gives you opportunities to develop yourself in a way you choose by providing a range of free training programs. My tip for everyone applying to Cummins would be to do your research on the company (as much as the time allows you) and be confident in the interview. I’m sure you heard it many times, but confidence really is around 50% of success in the interview."