Maximillian - European Marketing & Sales Development Program Associate

"The EMSDP is a fantastic program, which has provided me with the opportunity to participate in and lead many great initiatives and projects. Many of those evolved around Cummins Core Values, focusing on creating a diverse and inclusive workplace, where everybody is accepted and feels comfortable being their true self. Additionally, I supported many business-focused projects, from new product developments to quoting to OEMs.

In the program, you get given a lot of responsibility, which provides you the opportunity to show your own capabilities, while also strengthening your weaknesses.

Cummins supports you along the process, by giving you a support system of various people, that you can ask for input or help you find your unique career path.

Working on those high-level projects, you get a lot of exposure to Leadership, which helps your personal development and gives you the chance to build connections, which might help you accelerate your career.

So if you are interested in joining the program, you can look forward to many great opportunities, a unique way to kick-start your career, and a Company that really cares about you. So be curious, be yourself, and explore this amazing opportunity."