Antony - Motorsport engineering student

I am a motorsport engineering student studying at the University of Central Lancashire. I have had no previous experience within the engineering industry, and very limited hands-on experience, due to the theoretical nature of university before joining Cummins. This made me doubtful that I would have a chance of getting a placement role at Cummins. However, throughout the recruitment process, I was kept informed of where I was at and what the next stage of the recruitment process was, which made me feel at ease. After my interview, it was less than 48 hours later that I was made aware that I was successful in getting a placement here at Cummins. This made the rest of my academic year very easy as I knew what I was doing the year after, there was no waiting around, unsure of where you were at, Cummins made me feel very settled and not just a number in a big company.

Upon getting news of my success, I began looking into Cummins a bit more and began developing some preconceptions about what I thought working at a large corporate company would be like. Very strict, controlled, and monitored. I also thought that the workload may have been too difficult for me to complete, thinking that it was doing complex calculations that had little margin of error. However, since day 1 of starting, I knew this was not the case. Everyone you speak to is incredibly helpful, keen on sharing their expertise, and always willing to help, even to a newcomer like myself. I never feel uncomfortable asking a somewhat simple, silly question, even to someone who has worked at Cummins for over 20 years. Everyone is eager to listen to what you have to say and never make you feel uneducated. After a month of working here, I feel settled in the office and have become very comfortable talking in meetings, face-to-face, and over Zoom. It is no longer stressful thinking about an upcoming meeting where I will be involved in giving my thoughts and experiences.

For someone who is thinking of joining Cummins, or is currently in the recruiting process the only tip I can give is, be confident in yourself. Cummins offers opportunities to a wide variety of differently skilled individuals, you do not need to be an expert in your field, or a math genius to work at Cummins and be good at your job, you must be confident and honest in your ability. You’re here to learn and gain experience and knowledge from those around you.